painting in the new modern direction of painting "3D Reality" by Irina Ivashkina and Olga Moiseeva. The technique is based on details printed on a 3D printer, implanted in the painting, going beyond the limits of the canvas. The technique is supplemented with volumetric elements of different origin and purpose. The aim of the direction: to revitalize paintings, to create the illusion of images coming out of the image. The painting ceases to be just a painting, it becomes a portal between the fictional and the real world, also carrying a strong energetic message. Milica/Expression is based on the subject laid down by Salvador Dali in the Painting of the Appearance of the Face of Aphrodite of Cnidus against a Landscape. At that time, the surrounding world could not accept the image of Aphrodite, it did not need true beauty, it was stamped and
and monotonous. Aphrodite's face fell with cracks, from needlessness and disappointment..... But she still stayed in this world, realizing that it was about to change and then accept her. Milica/Expression is similar to Aphrodite in her desire to come to life in the surrounding reality, she also symbolizes female beauty, which is as difficult to be noticed by the world. But, unlike Dali's Aphrodite, she does not wait for the world to change, she boldly, proudly and femininely steps off the canvas, accepting it for what it is, even though for her it is not ideal at all, unlike in the past.
is not perfect at all, unlike the world from which she comes. It does not matter to her whether the world accepts her or not, she simply manifests herself in it, filling it with the energy of beauty, refinement and grace.

Acrylic. Oil.
PLA plastic. Organza.
Golden potash. Sculpture paste.

700мм / 900мм


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