Milica/Elusive is the first painting of the MILICA series, as well as the first acrylic painting by designer Irina Ivashkina, under the guidance of artist Olga Moiseeva. It appeared as an "experiment" when there already existed a 3D model of a girl lamp dissolving in glass, but production processes had not been started. Later 3D details participated in the creation of subsequent paintings not only as a nature, from which they were drawn, but already began to be implanted in the canvases. Thus, MILICA/Elusive together with other paintings by Olga Moiseeva and Irina Ivashkina gave rise to a new modern technique of painting "3D Reality". The plot of Milica/Elusive is based on a girl walking through glass. It is this effect that the lamp in the interior was supposed to create. In the picture, as well as in the lamp model, the pose conveys the energy inherent in the state of a person who is not afraid of obstacles, but at the same time does not fight them, and is able to relax and thus overcome the wall without destroying it. As a rule, such a state is inherent more in a woman than in a man. Only a woman can win a fight without weapons. The picture encourages everyone who looks at it, having looked closely, to see strength in weakness. If you are a woman, you will feel the importance of this state, if you are a man, you will feel better a woman, not indifferent to yourself.
Acrylic. Oil.
PLA plastic.
Sculpting paste.

3d decor:
500мм / 700мм


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