Milica/Accord is the second painting of the MILICA series, painted with
acrylic by designer Irina Ivashkina. By the time of writing the author had already formed a desire to work more in the style of surrealism.
to work more in the style of surrealism and interior painting. The canvas depicts the process of creating furniture, where individual segments represent the stages of work that form the final result. Work on the bedroom series went on in parallel with the painting, and surprisingly reflected the complexities of
of production on canvas. For example, the original painting
has a sharp object damaging the canvas at the girl's feet, and in the production process the matrix (the mold for mass production) was cracked in this place. Such coincidences as the paintings were painted were enough to draw certain
conclusions about the circulation of energy in the creative process. The painting of a dressing table and a banquette is decorated with three-dimensional beads, bringing the author closer, just like the previous painting in the series, to the creation of the technique - 3D Reality.

Acrylic. Oil.
PLA plastic.
Sculpture paste.

3d decor:
300мм / 400мм


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