Michelangelo's “Creation of Adam.” (1508)
Many centuries ago, sculptors and Renaissance and antiquity artists  introduced the human image into architecture and INTERIOR. Stunning women's and male characters came to life IN STONE AND PAINTINGS
“The Vestal in the Veil” (1862)
“Chastity.” (1752)
TO THIS DAY, PEOPLE OF ARTS use human silhouettes in the creation of luxury goods, continuing the tradition already in the WOOD, METAL AND PLASTIC …
Jean-Léon Gérôme
“Pygmalion and Galatea.” (1890)
The complex production cycle gives birth to works of art that come to life, awaken emotions and by their presence remind of important ...

MILICA - the continuation of ancient culture in new materials, with the use of modern 3d technology, combined with manual labor.
neo antique
In the modern world, the living and dead mixed, the living often ceases to express life, which entailed a counter process: the desire to static matter to live...
It is also planned to produce jewelry, souvenir products, a series of finishing materials and paintings for interior under the MILICA brand.
Master of Fines Arts
Los muebles que presenta esta firma tienen Un ingrediente especial, exclusivo que radica en su creatividad. De por si se elevan por encima de lo utilitario y devienen en objetos de arte. Adquieren de esta forma otro estatus que los ubica a la par de obras de pintura y otras. Estos hipoteticamente muebles a mi entender se balancean entre la escultura y Art Object. Son como de por si obras para coleccionar con todos sus atributos, de ahi sus referencias surrealistas con sus cargas oniricas y refinado erotismo.
Omar Godinez
Design Engineer
If I close my eyes and think of my Italy, I think of the perfect forms of its art... I think of the colors of its sea. All things that are good for the spirit which, regardless, make you smile: I felt the same pleasure when I saw the Milica collection.

From simply being surrounded by the beauty of art, as an engineer I have always dealt with the value of the aesthetic impact in the artisanal and industrial production of high-end design. A single piece, two, tens or thousands all bring with them three factors: function, beauty and how much desire the author has to make us smile the moment we see it. For Garcia Lorca, the duende was the artistic demon of someone who gets on stage and takes possession of the actor to make him real.

The demon of Irina Ivashkina makes it masterful when to primary objects such as tables or chairs, it gives the appearance of a woman and gives modern materials a perfect aesthetic value, in terms of quality and finish. Scenic color, character, splendid
material consistency to the touch. The creative process and the technological one have come together in something that has charm, personality and immediately connects the viewer with Irina Ivashkina.

Irina Ivashkina conceived it to make the spirit smile. Design and play, strong references to the pop era but a persistent presence of rigor of classic canons familiar to me, are in wise balance. The same thin thread, this time golden, binds Irina Ivashkina architect-designer to Irina Ivashkina extremely refined artist. I'm always happy to be close to her creations, like when I close my eyes…
Marcello Andriani
Professor (IMAA), Ph.D. in Architecture, winner of the UNESCO Prize
Milica” collection of author's art objects created by designer-architect Irina Ivashkina is a continuation and development of the great European artistic tradition of deifying the beauty of human flesh in architecture and design. The search for meaning through the beauty of the body, the triumph of the human spirit is an eternal theme of art.

Six beautiful caryatids, carrying the cornice of the temple of Erechtheion in the Acropolis of Athens, created in 421 B.C., were a continuation of the ancient Egyptian architecture, which was born a millennium earlier. Among the thousands of objects found in Tutankhamun's tomb were pieces of furniture composed of beautiful figures of girls. Each new generation of artists rediscovers for themselves and the world this eternal theme of art, and each time a new reading of a seemingly well-known theme is born....

The culmination of the interior composition of the masterpiece of modernist architecture, the Barcelona Pavilion, created by the great functionalist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, is the Sad Dancer, a sculpture created by Georg Kolbe, carved from green marble and floating above the mirror of the swimming pool. The sculpture, named “Dawn” by the author, symbolizes the continuation of the great antique tradition that has not been lost under the onslaught of modernist culture. Each new epoch brings new idols and already in the period of postmodernism the largest Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, Nobel laureate, created in 1974 a collection of furniture with curvilinear outlines, where all curved lines repeat the contours of Merlin Monroe's body. His famous “Marilyn tosh chair” combined the “Merlin line” and the sound of the furniture masterpieces of Charles Mackintosh the great Scottish designer and architect.

Now in the works of Irina Ivashkina new readings of the eternal theme... Endowed with the glamorous spirit of art deco, based on the ideas of popart, balancing on the thin edge of kitsch, consonant with the postulates of mass culture and at the same time bearing the naivety of the discoverer, Irina Ivashkina's collection certainly deserves attention, the author who created it deserves respect and support. “Nowhere is mastery so evident as in variations on a well-known theme” -said Paganini. In design, as in music, it is extremely difficult to invent a new note; art is born in their combination. Let us pay tribute to Irina's courage in daring to touch the eternal theme of art and achieve impressive results in doing so.
Alexander ZUSIK
International Art Festival & Contest
By creating his collection of art objects, the artist sought to evoke certain emotions in the viewer, filling a boring and dull environment with spontaneity,
impulsiveness, freedom. Art objects do not obey any precise rules and are designed to evoke various emotional reactions of the viewer, to look at something ordinary from a new angle, and at the same time they can be functional and perform the role of furniture in an interior. The author has perfectly coped with the task at hand. The style in which the collection is made evokes associations with the work of the scandalous and famous surrealist Salvador Dali.
Изначальная редакция
Загрузить диплом
Director and founder of the first Museum of Peoples' Friendship in Russia and a branch of the Museum in Sochi, member of the Presidium of the Council of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia, gallerist, poet
A new era in ancient art

Here is delight and admiration,
In the subtlety of her work,
That's my opinion,
There'll be a new turn

Antiquity is coming back,
Beauty and brevity,
And so atypical,
You can see that the sculptor is a personality!

The magic of her talent,
Her friends like her very much,
Yes, she's worthy of a Grant
And I love it myself!

A lady in a hat of gold,
Holding a diamond in her hand
She's the epitome
The architect's talent!

How ingenious it all is,
# Inspired and fresh
For a café, it's quite normal
It's antique!

At the table the lady's holding,
I'd have coffee and wine
It's a nice panorama
It's like being in the best movie ever!

And here's a dainty hand,
But is that a woman's hand?
I'll sit on it for a while,
But I'll remember it forever!

There's a glass of wine on the table,
It must be from Rome.
It's like nothing you've ever seen in a movie,
It's all tangible and visible.

Chairs in the shape of lovely ladies,
I'm delighted, even myself,
♪ It's unusual and it's nice ♪
And, believe me, unbelievable!

There's craftsmanship, elegance, talent,
♪ I'm the guarantor of that ♪
What a curve of beautiful ladies
I'm enchanted again
Yuri Derbenev-Tyumensky
To sculptor Irina Ivashkina
On her birthday

April 23, 2023
Origins of poems from the exhibition
In Gostiny Dvor “Milica”
The future
in the present
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