Features of the Milica furniture collection, how will it fit into the interior?
Features of the Milica furniture collection, how will it fit into the interior?
You can make the interior aesthetic and unusual with the help of designer furniture. For example, Milica collection furniture developed by architect-designer Irina Ivashkina.

Each item combines functionality and aesthetics, can be used for its intended purpose and at the same time is a decorative object. Milica is expensive furniture that reminds of the importance of emotions.

Milica collectible furniture as an object of arts and crafts

Milica - author's collection of art objects . 9 objects - 9 keys to harmony and happiness of human life in this world.

In each model by the geometry of its pose and complex processes of production are embedded states, which according to the author it is important to be able to feel a woman and observe a man for harmony with himself.

Features of Milica furniture

For example, the STRONG table, which looks provocative and symbolizes female strength. The glass table top is held on her shoulders by a woman. She is on her knees and it seems that she is struggling to perform an impossible task, but nevertheless, she copes. This model is about the inner strength of a woman, without which this world is not built, there is no worthy man. And also about the fact that you can never forget about it. After all, it is a woman who keeps the family and supports the family hearth.

The dressing table BEAUTY is decorated with the figure of a woman who coquettishly embraces the trapezoidal mirror and gracefully rests her foot on the floor. The table is very complex in execution and translates that beauty is light only on the outside, but inside it is a strong core. This model is dedicated to the harmony of beauty, its versatility and strength of spirit.

Armchair CARE will appeal to connoisseurs of unusual exclusive furniture. Instead of the usual frame with a seat and backrest, a bent palm is used. In the center is added a soft cushion with life lines. This geometry each in its own way reflected different world designers. The Milica collection emphasizes the refinement and grace of the collectors' favorite object.

Another unusual item is the ACCORD bedside table. It is a bold depiction of a squatting woman holding a small cabinet. Her head is adorned with a wide white ribbon lampshade, and around her neck is a small reading lamp. The model is about the fact that submission is not about weakness, it is about strength of mind and the ability to manage one's states .

FRANK is a chair made in the image of a seated woman with her legs tucked coquettishly under her. The arms act as a railing, the figure of the girl is dressed in a dress, and its hem wraps around the figure, which visually enlarges the chair. The head is turned away, symbolizing the negation of the environment and the importance of being able to say “no”. The detailing of the chair is very difficult for object design. The model has been in production for the longest time.

The ELUSIVE floor lamp is the most enigmatic piece in the collection. A female figure is leaning against a glass partition. She has bent her leg and put her hands behind her back on the other side of the glass, which creates the illusion of her crossing the wall. Her head is covered by a lampshade. She holds a shelf on each leg and arm. Nothing lasts forever in this world, everything you have can disappear and slip away. It's important to remember that and then losses will bypass you.

EXPRESSION is an elegant support of ladies handbags and accessories. The girl leans with bent legs on the wall and gracefully extends her hand. A model about the brightness of human nature and the courage to show it.

ELASTIC wine table. A very difficult pose in gymnastics, reflects the ability of the body and psyche to keep balance. It can serve as a console or an independent buffet item, depending on the model assembly.

The collection is rounded off by the most daring and frank model - the SEXY chair, which speaks for itself with its pose. The manifestation of sexuality is an important part of human nature, it is necessary to learn not to clutch it, but at the same time not to show it excessively, so the model is covered with a flirty skirt and is not detailed.

MILICA collection looks bold and provocative. But she manages to keep the boundary of norm and morality, emphasizing the sensual and aesthetic perception, which is what high art is all about.

When creating the collection, the tastes of different people were taken into account. Therefore, each item can have different coatings and colors, depending on the wishes of the customer. Thanks to this, it is possible to make furniture suitable for any interior, including combining several different styles. It is possible to make a collection in one color scheme or in different ones. For example, chairs are painted in one color, and the table - in another. The number of copies is limited.

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