Exclusive furniture: Features of use in interior design
эксклюзивная мебель бренда Milica
Exclusive furniture today is one of the main trends in interior design. Unique, author's items of furniture allow you to create a truly original, memorable image of any room.

Exclusive furniture in interior design

эксклюзивная мебель бренда Milica
It refers to items made to order according to the author's projects of designers. As a rule, these are one-off items or furniture of small series. The creation of exclusive items is a painstaking creative process involving artists, designers and technologists.

The main materials for exclusives are valuable woods, natural stone, metals. Rare fabrics, leather, glass are also used. Finishing can include carving, inlay, painting, gilding and other decorative elements.

Features of exclusive furniture and its use in the interior

Today there are several main styles of exclusive furniture:

Art Deco. It is characterized by a combination of geometric shapes, luxurious materials, plant and animalistic motifs.

Art-design. Assumes bold experiments with the form, non-standard combination of materials.

Ethnic style. Uses traditional national motifs in the design.

Neoclassic. Characterized by the strictness of lines, restrained luxury.

Each interior requires a carefully considered approach to the choice of exclusive furniture. Firstly, the items should harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the design of the room.

Secondly, it is important to take into account the functional purpose of the furniture and properly zone the space. For example, exclusive chairs look great in the dining area, and a unique bar set will be the center of attraction of the living room.

Thirdly, you should take care of the visual balance. For small interiors, it is better to choose a few accent pieces of furniture. In spacious rooms are appropriate and complex solutions - for example, an exclusive dining room group or bedroom.

Competently selected collection of exclusive furniture will give any interior a unique charm. Each item turns into a real work of applied art. Elements of finishing, textures and shapes create a spectacular entourage.

It is important to observe the sense of proportion, not to overload the space with excessive details. The interior should please the eye and create an atmosphere of comfort - this is what distinguishes a truly stylish exclusive. Then the items of author's furniture will not only emphasize the status of the owners, but also give aesthetic pleasure every day. You can order elite, beauty furniture from us.

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