Features of using art objects in the interior
Features of using art-objects in the interior
Art objects in the interior is a current trend of recent years. The presence of art objects complements the environment in residential and other premises, gives it a zest.

What can be used as an art object for the interior? It can be sculptures, non-standard lamps, exclusive furniture, decor made of natural or artificial materials - everything that is unique, author's or rare and creates a special atmosphere in the room.

How to fit an art object into an interior?

When choosing products, first of all, you need to decide on the style of the interior. Eclecticism allows you to choose a variety of options, but for minimalism laconic forms, natural colors and materials are suitable.

How to correctly place the art object? It all depends on the size, shape, style and purpose. A small sculpture or vase can become the central accent of that part of the space, the zone on which it is located. But large-sized objects - sofas, armchairs and tables in art style - set the general mood of the space.

Peculiarities of selection and location of art objects

To fit an art object into the interior harmoniously, you need to take into account several nuances:

Scale and proportions. A large object is better to place in a spacious room with high ceilings, and compact - in a small-sized room.

Color and texture. Shades and material of the art object should echo the general interior to create visual unity. But at the same time, the art object should stand out and attract the attention of visitors.

Lighting. Properly organized lighting will help to favorably present the art object in the interior. Additional lights, soffits and lamps will emphasize the shape, texture of the material and coloristic features.

Combination with other interior elements. The art object should harmonize with furniture, textiles, decor. To avoid visual chaos, the other items should be calm in color and shape, without unnecessary details.

But it is necessary not to go overboard with the number of art-objects, otherwise it will look like a museum exposition. One or two objects in the interior of the living space will be enough.

Thus, art objects, lovingly chosen and properly placed, will give the interior a unique charm. The main thing is to take into account the features of the room. Then you can safely experiment with shapes, materials and color to embody the most daring design fantasies.

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