How to save your funds through collecting
Collecting art and antiques is a long-standing tradition, which in recent years has experienced a new round of popularity.

Rare as well as expensive furniture and interior objects from renowned designers and workshops are of particular interest, both from the point of view of aesthetics and capital preservation.

The new reality in collecting: how do you save your money?

Features and advantages of investing in luxury furniture

With the volatility of financial markets, more and more investors are turning their attention to tangible assets, among which works of arts and crafts occupy a special place. Our exclusive furniture of Milica brand, products from Thomas Chippendale or Charles Rennie Mackintosh are not only pleasing to the eye, but also a reliable investment.

According to the auction house Sotheby's, from 2010 to 2020 the cost of rare and elite European furniture has increased more than 2 times. So, a chair by Chippendale was sold at auction in 2019 for $578 thousand - 3 times more expensive than its counterpart in 2011. Experts predict that this segment will continue to grow at a high rate in the next 5-10 years.

In addition to good profitability, collecting designer furniture has other advantages:

High liquidity. Rarity items can always be quickly sold at specialized auctions.

Capital preservation. The value of unique objects only grows over time.

Aesthetic pleasure. Decorating the interior with masterpieces of design brings pleasure and pride to the owner.

Inheritance. An art collection is a wonderful asset to pass on to future generations.

It is important to take care of proper storage and transportation conditions for valuable pieces of furniture and interior design. Optimal parameters for antiques and rarities, as well as elite designer furniture:

Air temperature 18-22°C.

Humidity 40-60%.

Protection from direct sunlight.

Absence of dust, dirt and pests.

Careful packing and careful transportation.

Well, you can buy elite furniture and art objects for collecting from us.

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